Black dresses, More BBQ, Flowers and Bread


Been living the St. Louis life the past couple of weeks. Trying to enjoy being present for myself, my husband, my kids. Focusing on gratitude instead of resentments or negativity. Some days it’s harder than others.

A few highlights:


Visit to Missouri History Museum’s “Little Black Dress” exhibit. Cousin Kristy who lives in Brooklyn, New York and is 20-something came to town so I felt I had to take her to a “cool” place. The exhibit takes you through a history of the little black dress- from the 1800’s mourning occasions to Coco Chanel’s 1960’s dress that launched a million little black dresses. Though the dresses on display were neat to see, I was drawn to a side exhibit- a wall of personalized little pieces of paper that allowed you to write a memory of your own favorite little black dress. In particular- I was drawn to this one. Powerful.


More BBQ but really, after having visited SugarFire Grill a few weeks back, I must say the best BBQ in St. Louis. Pappy’s Smokehouse. After standing in line for an hour, we chowed down on the best BBQ I have ever had. The restaurant has been recognized by the Food Network as the Best Ribs in America. So- go figure.




The Missouri Botanical Gardens– in the spring. Really quite fantastic. The last time I had been was last Fall and well- that’s just too long. I hope to visit much more over the next few months. The flowers were in full bloom and the fountains were sprouting blue for the BLUES hockey team (someone had to explain that one to me because I didn’t quite get it- not being a sports hockey fan and a St. Louis newbie).




Union Loafers. I have a food partner in crime and her name is Lisa- we attempt to eat at a different breakfast or lunch restaurant across different areas throughout St. Louis once a week. In fact, we have a whole list of places we’ve been to – we’ve been enjoying these adventures since last year and one of these days when I get around to it, I’m going to post them all here. So, we made it out to lunch on a rainy, spring day at a place called Union Loafers. We sat at the counter and although we did not indulge in the beer that everyone around us was partaking in, we did manage to have some fantastic food. I had the kale carrot ginger soup and a turkey sandwich on their freshly baked bread. The bread, I am not kidding you- to die for. I bought a loaf of their sourdough to share with the family for dinner that evening- truly magnificent. It makes me want to learn to bake my own bread. That is for another time I’m sure.




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