The Eggy Egg Experiment

We spent last weekend conducting science fair projects and putting together the presentation boards. My son was lucky enough to have been selected to participate in a science fair mentor club at school so he had been working on his project titled Length and Rulers for over 5 weeks, really spending time thinking about the process.

Baby girl was another story. We had to start from scratch. Pinterest to the rescue. I selected five ideas I thought she might like from a search on science fair experiments for kinder kids.

Baby girl chose the one involving hard-boiled eggs and beverage stains. We left the eggs in separate cups filled with 1) Coca-Cola beverage, 2) Orange Juice, 3) Vinegar and 4) Earl Grey Tea overnight. The following day we looked at the results. Here’s what they looked like:

No surprise there! Coca-Cola stained the eggs the most with a dark brown color.

This was a great experiment that demonstrated the effect of soda on teeth and the kids all realized it to their great horror. Yuck- that’s what soda does to our teeth?! My inner me was secretly smiling.

The science fair projects were transferred to the local high school today and the exhibition is this coming weekend. We’ll see how it goes. Kids are super excited.



6 thoughts on “The Eggy Egg Experiment

  1. I’m so glad I’m not addicted to sodas! Especially ones like Coke or Pepsi (but I suppose even ones like 7up & Mirinda have the same harmful effect?) Great experiment for kids to see and realize first hand! A greater impact than simply telling them. 🙂

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