Saying goodbye to Tia Chica


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My Tia Chica passed away last Thursday, in Mexico City. I wrote about her before in Tia Chica’s Empanadas. My sister Veronica delivered the news via text message to all us sisters. We didn’t have a lot of information about her passing but we knew that if we wanted to get a chance to pay our respects to her and see her one last time, we’d have to act quickly. In Mexico City, they do not embalm the bodies and so they bury them within 24 hours. In Tia Chica’s case it ended up being cremation but needless to say that she passed on Thursday and her rosario– viewing was an all night-vigil Thursday night and Friday morning.

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My two sisters- Nydia and Veronica along with my parents flew into Mexico City Friday. They arrived in the morning and I in the afternoon. The funeral was Friday afternoon and she was cremated Friday evening. I arrived in time to say goodbye and kiss her- glass between us- one final time. My sisters and I – we had an opportunity to thank her for all that she gave to us. We had told her before and we told her again. Still, the finality of death is shocking and we are left with knowing that we’ll never have her empanadas or cooking to nourish us, nor her sarcastic remarks, her biting humor to laugh at- everything and so much more that made her our Tia Chica.

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I am still overcome with so many emotions and since I had not visited Mexico City in 20 years and never with my parents as an adult it was a trip that I cannot yet put to words. There are so many family stories that were told to me that I had never heard and so much I never realized. That is for another post.

Look for an upcoming picture travel diary of 48 hours in Mexico City. It was an unforgettable experience that I cannot wait to share. Thank you for allowing me to share my Tia Chica.


5 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to Tia Chica

    1. Yes and no. There were so many more people and traffic it was incredible. It also felt so familiar with the zapaterías and ice cream shops like a dream I had been in before. I will post pictures soon!

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  1. What a great tribute to Tia Chica, I’m sure that you won’t treasure not only her Empanadas but the sweet memories you’ve had with her. Here in Kw, they bury the dead also within 24 hours, totally different in Ph where sometimes it takes a week to have the wake.This happens when they wait for ohther far away relatives to come. Although the occasion is somewhat gloomy, this is also a time where families united in prayers and gather together for the sake of paying last respects.
    Thank you for sharing this personal life story about your loveones.

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