IMG_1988You there. Yeah you. Just stop a minute won’t you?

I know you. I know you are tired. Your soul hurts. Your brain hurts from too much thinking, analyzing and creative problem-solving.

It’s hard to get up every day and be inspired. It’s hard to try to always look at the bright side of things- every single  day. People suck sometimes and no one likes or relates to what they can’t understand. It’s hard to be different. To always stick out. To always have to explain your story. To always be on your way to somewhere. Sometimes- you just want to be there already. You want to sit there and stare off into space and just be.

You’re too short or you’re too tall and you’ve got too many pounds you’ve been trying to lose for oh- three years now. There are way more wrinkles and gray hairs than you could have ever imagined at this age. Sometimes you get too emotional and say the wrong things. Then think- screw it- who the hell cares what they think anyway?

But you continue to get up, even if it’s half-ass. You never cook the pork chops all the way and end up having to stick them in the oven again and again until the pink goes away. You show up to the Girl Scout cookie meeting and listen to the ins and outs of cookie selling and smile politely at the moms you barely know across the table and ask about their Winter Break. You go on your 30-day sugar detox in the hopes of whittling away some of that layer around the mid-section and putting off that Type 2 diabetes that runs like crazy in your family.

FullSizeRenderYou’re not dead yet. It’s not over. You need to keep up the good fight.

Just know that I understand, I get it. You are not alone. Rest your head just for a moment. Put your feet up. Grab your cup of coffee. Pull that blanket around your shoulders a little tighter. Cry in your car at the red light where no one sees. Go back to your daily meditation breaks, your hot yoga class, listening to Adele’s 25, to your podcasts, to your Spotify/Pandora stations;  reading the 3 sisters- the Washington Post, the New York Post, the Huffington Post- self-selecting those articles that get your heart beating  once again, scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram feeds, reading the blogs you follow, whatever it is that keeps you ticking and going and continuing to be inspired. Just don’t stop.

I won’t if you don’t.


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