Rainbows and Unicorns

FullSizeRender (2)There’s no moon in St. Louis, Missouri. Team Jackson can’t stop laughing at this ridiculous notion. It all started with C’s science assignment- his class was asked to track the moon for an entire three weeks. What shape is the moon tonight boys and girls? To be completely honest here, we forgot to look for the moon the first three nights. Something about trying to get all the kids in bed by a decent hour and get some adult time in- you know how that goes. So, after we finally remembered to look, we were completely aghast to find out that GASP, we could not find the moon! Me- Mommy problem-solver went to task. We just need to look towards that direction, or stand in the street, or go to the backyard, or go inside the house to the top room and look out the corner of it. In the back of my mind I’m thinking that Gru from Despicable Me might have stolen the moon again. Hey- stranger things have happened. C wailed- “This is impossible- there is just no moon here in Missouri!” Frustrated, I grabbed my cell phone- that trusty tool that all moms go to in times of trouble- and looked it up. Children- Here is what we are looking for- a gibbous moon – we have a gibbous moon! Problem solved. We all laughed.

FullSizeRenderAfter a rough week last week, we’ve had some rainbows and unicorns show up. We went back to M’s Boy Scout troop and he had a much better meeting. He joined the Ninjas patrol- made up of boys from school. Yay! There’s a leadership training and a canoe camping trip coming up in a few weeks. On Wednesday, he attended a new welcome breakfast for students hosted by the school counselor and grade principal. At his school, there is a principal for each grade level- 6, 7, 8.  He met this other new kid that just moved here from Boston, a boy named P. I asked M what they ate at the breakfast, because I’m nosy like that. M told me that they had juice, baked goods and P’s Mom baked banana muffins and bread. She’s your kind of lady- Mom. I joked with T and said well then, am I ever off my game- why didn’t I think to offer to bake something for the welcome breakfast? Then I was like- wait- that used to be me. Always offering to help and bake and volunteer. It’s kind of fun to be on the slacker side for once and I’m totally good with that. Lastly, M has joined the Math Club at school. He came home from the first meeting and said he loved it. YES! He was very impressed that some kids were doing 10th grade math. Right now, in the club, there are 15 kids and the teacher is trying to grow it to 50. Mom- “everyone’s Asian in the Math Club.” Well- good for you M- you represent!

FullSizeRender (3)C continues to love school and playing with all the boys- they’ve moved from playing football to soccer now. He has been expressing some homesickness for friends and Willard. His two friends J and L and their mommas are going to visit us in early October! It will come at a perfect time as homesickness will have really kicked in and the weather will be crisp and well we are just soooo excited to have our friends visit us!  Hint, hint to anyone else who might want to visit… This past week, all the 5th graders at C’s elementary participated in an off-site retreat at a local park that is a part of a leadership program that the school runs.  Parents were asked to write surprise letters to their child highlighting their strengths and abilities. They were then given to them at the retreat. After reading the letter, they were asked to reflect on it. From what I hear, many of the children (mostly girls) cried while reading their letters. The entire 5th grade class also played several team-building exercises throughout the day to drive home the concept of having to work together as a team. When I picked C up from school that day, he looked like a different kid. He had the biggest smile ever and wore multi-colored yarn bracelets around his wrist (the kids gave them to each other whenever they saw someone do a good deed) and said “Thanks for the letter, Mom.” Oh my dear son- there is so much growing of the heart happening here. I can see it and it is a beautiful thing to be witness to.  I feel lucky and privileged to be in a place where I can observe and see the changes happening to this little boy who will one day be a man. To be able to pause and take note.

FullSizeRender (1)Our sweet girl continues to thrive here. Funny, she is the only one who has expressed no homesickness. She loves school, her new friends, her teacher, the school’s jungle gym and taking Teddy to school. Her soccer team has introduced us to some cool peeps. Her coaches are researchers at Washington University- in big important things like bio-chemistry and cancer cures. Her head coach is Italian and married to a Bolivian woman. She told me where all the Mexicans are- Cherokee Street! Woo!!!! I am so visiting there. Apparently it is mecca for all things Mexican- pan dulce, tacos, horchata and the list goes on and on. Her other coach is Indian and he’s married to a Chinese American gal from Pasadena of all places. More wooooo! They’ve already shared with me that they happen to have a very international and select tequila collection. Best part about this? They live right down the street. Happy faces and dancing feet. We’ve got a play date scheduled for I and her friend Charlotte this Labor Day weekend. We’re going to fire up the grill and I am finally going to make that Magnolia Bakery banana pudding that everyone keeps telling me is out of this world.

FullSizeRenderT and I are celebrating 17 years of marriage this Sunday. I picked this photo to share because it all started with these 4 people. Our parents. We were so happy that day.  We had no idea what was in front of us. These 4 people have helped keep us together these past 17 years, nurturing us with their love and support and their everything. Trevor Sr. is no longer here with us physically but he is emotionally here every single day, rooting us on. I just know it. He would have been so happy to celebrate this anniversary with us. What a journey these past 17 years has been. That probably deserves three blog entries. Or more- an entire novel. It hasn’t been easy. Sometimes it’s been really hard. But we keep trying. We keep forgiving. We keep making mistakes. We keep waking up every day, ready to take on whatever the day is going to give us and working our asses off to keep Team Jackson together. Not just together. But thriving, loving, working, sharing, yelling, fighting together. Waiting for rainbows and unicorns.  We won’t see them every day but when we do, we’ll appreciate them even more. It all begins and ends right here.



7 thoughts on “Rainbows and Unicorns

    1. Ah Jodie! I was just looking at some old pictures of the boys when they were cub scouts. it made me sad. I can’t believe how quickly it’s all going. Much love to you and Sam. xo


  1. I missed the last blog before this one. Man, I’m sitting here and didn’t realize I had tears streaming down my face. You are so inspiring sis. I love you very much. Happy Anniversary to you and Trevor, you guys rock and wish you many many more. Xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear baby sister- I love and miss you lots. I think about you guys almost every second of the day. LOL. Hang in there with those rugrats and enjoy every moment. I’ll see you soon my love. xo


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