And Then There Was Just Love

I’m surrounded by moving boxes. The house is bare. Surprisingly, I am very calm. I woke up this morning around 3 a.m.- sweaty and anxious. Fell back asleep and when I woke up, I felt God’s presence. And I became very calm. He was reminding me that he is right next to me- wherever I may go. Cue to a meditative prose that a friend had sent me the day before. It had read:

“Wading wearily through the debris of our sixth house move in 25 years, I found a slip of paper my daughter had taped near her bed. “Put off till tomorrow those tears…Because between now and tomorrow, maybe I, God, will have passed your way.” …And with every challenge, he inquires: What is it you really need to be happy? Is it this job? this house? These transitions are his way of guiding us to the door of our one true home.”

Thank you Lord. Thank you for the reminder. In so many ways.

IMG_12951These past few weeks have been filled with love. I am overflowing with love. Thank you sisters. Thank you family. Thank you friends. I have been processing all the events from the past few weeks and here’s where I am at.

My sisters really love me. Sometimes they get on my nerves. Sometimes I get on theirs. They can frustrate me to all end. But at the end of the day, who knows you better and calls you on your shit better than your sisters? Nobody that’s who. I am beyond blessed to have four- count ’em four sisters all with different, colorful personalities. Yes, God knew exactly what he was doing. We left behind the 17 kids we gave birth to and spent some much needed quality time together- just the five Sanchez girls. They took me out to dinner followed by a wine and painting class. Also, I discovered I am not a painter.

20150606_213018There’s nothing like getting together with your high school girlfriends to remind you of how far you’ve come. I’ve known these girls for so long, they too are my sisters. They’ve seen me at my worst and at my lowest. We live far away from each other and don’t get a chance to see each other often but when we do get together we laugh a lot, swear like sailors, and complain about our kids, significant others and how darn busy we always are. Between three of us we’ve got 9 kids- yes- that’s right. Now do you see why there’s so much swearing and complaining going on? After dinner, we tried to take cute selfies in the car but because we are completely lame when it comes to selfie taking, this shot was the best we could get. Pretty much sums up the night.

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you find this beautiful, absolutely beautiful gift of friendship. FullSizeRenderI wasn’t looking for it when I signed up for my parent education class at PCC. I knew I wanted to take the class because I hadn’t had the opportunity with the boys. These here girls were different. They were fun and creative and low-key. Our sweet, sweet Mary decided it would be fun to have a book club. But don’t think any old boring book club. Our first read was CHOKE, followed by GONE GIRL, and the list goes on. Do we talk about the books when we get together? Um hardly. But boy do we know how to have fun. These girls took me out to see Magic Mike. Don’t judge. I haven’t screamed or laughed so much in one night in ages. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. And in case you were wondering, yes, that is a penis-shaped lollipop I am holding. Just in case you were wondering.

Sometimes, home feels like a combination of every place and person you’ve ever met. My IMG_0194journey with each one of these women has been exactly that and each relationship could warrant a full blog post. So many memories, milestone celebrations, shared hardships and tears throughout the past 10 years. But because I seem to have run out of time all I can say is that there was so much love in this here room at Barcelona, my cup was overflowing. Together with the strength and energy of these women, we have run cub scout packs, organized fundraisers, class parties, picnics, drove carpool, hiked, trained, volunteered on PTA, advocated for our children’s IB education and spent our day-to-day lives together. We’ve watched our kids grow up together and shared those moments of – oh no- now what- is this normal? Although I leave them now, I take with me to St. Louis a little itty piece of each of them. They taught me the beauty of building community and showed me what a strong village of people that are not related but feel like HOME looked like. I am forever grateful for it. We had it all my friends, we had it all.


2 thoughts on “And Then There Was Just Love

  1. Love you very much sis!!!!! This got me very emotional. I’ve been putting on a front this whole time and now it’s much too real. We’ve never been more than a road trip away. Now it’s a plane ride away and i hate flying. lol I’m going to miss you so much… I’m gonna go cry now 😦

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